Saint Nicetas, Confessor and Bishop of Chalcedon Whom We Comemorate Today

In his youth, he renounced the world and withdrew to a life of monastic asceticism. Shining like the sun with virtues, he was noticed by the elders of the Church and was elevated to the episcopal throne of Chalcedon. As a bishop, he was especially merciful toward the less fortunate, and he greatly concerned himself with the welfare of orphans, widows and the poor. When the evil Leo the Armenian rose up against the icons, Nicetas courageously stood up in their defense, denouncing the emperor and explaining their meaning. Consequently, he endured great humiliation, calumny and imprisonment. He was finally banished into exile for his confession of Faith, and in labors and sufferings presented himself to the Lord to receive a wreath of glory in the Kingdom of God.

(Prolog from Ohrid)


As a hierarch, he governed the flock of Christ for twenty-six years with great love and compassion. When he died and as his body was being placed in church, some of those who were present witnessed him rise from the coffin into the air above the church and bless the people and the town from the heights. Then his body returned to his coffin. Many other miracles occurred at his grave. He presented himself to the Lord on May 28, 1288 A.D.(Prolog from Ohrid)