2012: Over 110,000 Theophany bathers in Moscow

On the night of January 18–19, the feast of the Theophany, the yearly mass immersion in the blessed waters of Moscow went by without incident.

Solemn services including the Great Blessing of the waters took place in 111 active Orthodox churches and monasteries in Russia’s capital city, and water was distributed to the faithful. According to agencies participating in security, there were 30,000 more bathers than last year. 2011 saw around 88,000 people immerse themselves in the waters on the feast celebrating the Baptism of the Lord.

“There were sixty places designated in Moscow for bathing, and around 92,000 citizens went in”, they reported.

Over 17,700 police officers guarded the participants’ security, along with municipal and regional life guard and medical workers.

The surrounding territory was illumined by independent lighting, and the process on entering and leaving the waters were controlled by life guards, with professional divers and medical personal standing by.

Source: Pravoslavie.ru