3rd anniversary of Episcopal ministry of His Grace Bishop Ardsenije of Nis

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the Episcopal consecration of His Grace Bishop Arsenije of Nis, a video survey of some of the most important events of the archpastoral ministry of His Grace Arsenije was shown in the broadcast of the radio “Glas” of the Orthodox Diocese of Nis.

In this photo gallery, only a small portion of efforts and commitment of the three years’ ministry of His Grace Arsenije in the archpastoral field of charity and publishing activities has been presented, as well as his construction, renovation undertakings and consecration of those shrines, besides the important manifestations and church gatherings.

- The survey of these moments, recorded by some diligent officials of the Diocese of Nis, has been a reminder to all of us - to be persistent in our efforts, which is for our own benefit and salvation, and for the benefit of our God-protected Diocese of Nis. Ab multos annos! For many years, Your Grace! - was heard by editorial board members of the Radio “Glas” of the Orthodox Diocese of Nis.

Source: Diocese of Nis