930 more children to become godchildren of the Patriarch of Georgia

The 35th mass baptism is to take place after the Easter celebrations, reports Blagovest-info with the reference to Georgianpress.ru.

As the Lazarus foundation has explained, 930 more children will become new godchildren of the Georgian Patriarch. The application period for those parents who have children to baptize has closed; however, the specific date of baptism has not yet been fixed.

 Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II has 19,744 godchildren. They are the children born third and afterward of couples married in the church.

At the Patriarch's initiative, the tradition was begun on the feast of Theophany in 2008. The 34th baptism took place in 2013, on the feast of Baptism of the Lord.

Source: Pravoslavie.ru