Academician Dimitrije Stefanovic reposed in the Lord in Belgrade

Academician Dimitrije Stefanovic reposed in the Lord in Belgrade On August 1st, 2020.

Dimitrije Stefanović, a musicologist and conductor, long-term expert and connoisseur of Orthodox church music, was born in Pančevo on 25 November 1929. He graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Bel- grade (the Department of English and German) in 1955 and at the Music Academy in Belgrade (the Department of History of Music) in 1956. He obtained his B. Litt. and Ph.D. at Oxford University. During postgraduate studies, he worked with famous musicologists-Byzantinists Egon Wellesz, Henry Tillyard and Oliver Strunk. At the Music Faculty of Oxford University, he lectured on Byzantine and old Slavonic music. As a lecturer and participant at numerous international gatherings and congresses, he was a guest at many universities in Europe and America. He gave a large number of lectures on Orthodox and especially Serbian church music, hundreds of popular lectures for different audiences in the country and abroad: at twenty Yugoslav-German choir weeks (1971–1991), nineteen Summer Spiritual Academies in the monastery of Studenica, as well as at many Summer Schools of Church Chant ‘In Memory of Kornelije Stanković’.

He spent his working career at the Institute of Musicology of the SASA where he held all research positions, from research assistant to the equivalent of a full research fellow (1958–2000). He was a director of the Institute of Musicology of the SASA for two decades (1979–2000).

He has been a regular member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 1985, corresponding member of JAZU (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts) since 1986, corresponding member of SAZU (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) since 1987, secretary in the Department of Stage Art and Music in Matica Srpska(1991–2004), vice president of Matica Srpska since 2004, and general secretary of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2007.

His research concentrated primarily on the study of Orthodox church music – Byzantine and old Slavonic. He focused particularly on discovery, transcription, critical evaluation and publication of medieval documents. As a consequence of the results of this research the date of the written beginning of old Serbian music was moved back to the early 15th century. He always connected musicology research with live music practice, both through performance of the discovered chant from the past, and through recording and studying the still alive Serbian church chanting tradition. Apart from numerous studies in Serbian, English, German, French and Russian, Stefanović also edited three volumes of Karlovci Church chant written down by Branko Cvejić. He also edited several collections of works from international conferences, and reviewed a series of musicology monographs and collections.

Apart from his work on Orthodox music, he has continuously been engaged in performing both traditional and contemporary church music. He was the conductor of the Pančevo Serbian Church Singing Society from 1950 and occasionally conducted both the choir of the First Belgrade Singing Society and Saint Sava Seminary in Belgrade. For many years he was assistant conductor of the Belgrade Academic Choir Branko Krsmanović with whom he toured China in 1957, and the principal conductor of the Belgrade Madrigalists choir. In 1969 he founded the Study Choir of the Institute of Musicology of the SASA, with which he toured numerous places in former Yugoslavia and most of Europe. The choir was the first to perform both newly discovered pieces of Serbian medieval music. The repertory included music of Byzantine, Bulgarian, Russian, Gregorian and Glagolitic traditions and Orthodox choir music of the 19th and 20th centuries little or not at all known within Yugoslavia. Under Stefanović the choir made several recordings, CDs and TV programmes. With this choir he also took part at numerous services in Orthodox churches and monasteries throughout former Yugoslavia and Europe.

Stefanović was devoted to the restoration of Velika Remeta monastery, where he prepared the exhibition ‘Old Serbian music and Fruška Gora monasteries’. Although he did not officially teach at any university, he has spent innumerable hours with younger colleagues and students, always ready to help and encourage learning and research work.

Stefanović was awarded the Saint Sava medal of the first degree (1990), decorations of Russian and Romanian patriarchs, the Cross of Merits of the Federal Republic of Germany (1991), golden badge of the Jeunesses Musicales of Yugoslavia.


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