Ancient icons stolen over a century ago found during school repairs in Kuban

Three ancient icons, presumably stolen around 120 years ago, were discovered during repairs to a children’s art school in Kuban, in the southern Russian federal district of Krasnodar Krai, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs representative Irina Volk reported to Interfax-Religion.

“The message came to the Tikhoretsk Region Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs from the workers of one of the local construction projects. The declarant explained that while dismantling the old ceiling in a children’s art school in the village of Fastovetskaia they found three icons,” Volk explained.

According to her, the icons were presumably hidden in pre-revolutionary times under the roof of the landlord’s house, where the art school is now located.

“They were perhaps stolen from the local church, about 120 years ago. The church was subsequently destroyed and the icons lost,” Volk added.

The police are currently looking into the facts of the matter.