Anniversary of the episcopal service on the throne of the Bishops of Nis of His Grace Bishop Dr Jovan (Puric) of Nis

On the day when the Orthodox Church celebrates prayerfully a solemn memorial of the Assumption of Saint Anna the Mother of Most Holy Theotokos and Saint deaconess Olympiad, the Church of Christ in Constantine's city of Nis solemnly celebrated the end of the blessed year of the episcopal service of His Grace, father and our teacher Dr Jovan. 

The Cathedral church was full of priests of the Diocese of Nis. The Holy Liturgy was concluded with the archipastoral sermon of Bishop Jovan where besides the moral to the gathered people also expressed his thanksgiving to the All Mighty God for the providence that helped electing him the bishop of this ancient Diocese. 

The table of love for all the gathered was prepared.

Source: Diocese of Nis