Annunciation in Cathedral church in Novi Sad

Bishop Irinej: Епископ Иринеј: -If the Lord hasn't appeared through the archangel Gabriel to the Holy Virgin - as the purest and holiest in the human race - there would be no Church or Christianity, no presence of God in our human world as God-man, as God who out of love became man and saved man, the whole creation.

His Grace Bishop Irinej of Backa served the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy wih the concelebration of His Grace Bishop Isihije of Mohacs, Archimandrite Leontije (Francuski), clergy of the Diocese of Backa and Noi Sad deacons.

During the Holy Liturgy, Bishop Dr Irinej of Backa ordained presbyer Nikola Duvnjak to the rank of deacon. The choir Saint John the Baptist from Backa Palanaka conducted by Professor Snezana Zujic sang responses.

Source: DIocese of Backa