Another postponing of the court process

Archbishop Jovan will spend four months in detention without being brought to a trial that has already been started.

The authorities in R. Macedonia, eleventh year in a row, upon the demands of the schismatic Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC), are performing state persecution on religious basis against Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid and the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric! The mentioned persecution is most illustratively demonstrated with the long, rigged court processes against Archbishop Jovan and the refusal for registration in the courts of the pan-orthodoxly recognized Church in our homeland – the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric.

Characteristic of the current state of the latest court persecution against the Archbishop, Bishops, monastics and faithful people of the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric were the persistent, indicative delays of the court hearings, which seems to have as background the insisting of the synod of the schismatic MOC, with the purpose to cause as much harm as possible to Archbishop Jovan!

The last court hearing was held on December 11 last year. After the hearings on January 16, and then on February 20 were postponed, now also the hearing on March 14 is postponed!

Why are the court hearings being postponed? Why is Archbishop Jovan spending four months in a dark and stifling room with a visibly deteriorated health, without being brought to trial? Why is he continued to be held in detention when the hearings are not taking place? Where does the interest originate from, to simply not perform the started court process in such a long time period?

To the ones that insist on the detention, the answer to these questions seems undoubtedly clear: the longer Archbishop Jovan is found in the present, cruel condition, the more likely is his destruction!