Appeal for help!

My name is Tanja Miliskovic, I was born on 08. 03. 1980 and I live with my father Slavko and mother Mirjana in Dobanovci, a small town in Serbia near Belgrade. Our family has lived on the edge of survival for years, constantly struggling in poverty and fighting illness. My father’s disability pension is 12000 dinars (around 105 Euros or $125) monthly and all three of us are forced to survive on it. My mother and I are unemployed and due to the economic situation in Serbia, it is very difficult to find a job here and I only get temporary low paid jobs from time to time, although I am a trained sales assistant.

My father has lung cancer with metastases on the brain. He has had two brain surgeries; the last one took place on 08. 09. 2013. Treating the basic illness, lung cancer, hasn't happened yet, it is to come later. My father is unstable when he walks and can't function independently. When he leaves the hospital, where he is at the moment, he will have to travel  from home to the hospital for chemotherapy frequently and he will have to have someone with him, not only because of his disbalance but also because, as a result of his brain surgeries, he can see only on one eye and only 50%. In Serbia, assistance for such people is not provided, it is expected that family members care for each other and assist each other when needed. This means that either I or my mother have to look after my father and take him to therapy sessions which will worsen our finances even further. This is because my mother is also ill and has had three surgeries, the last one three months ago - she suffers liver cirrhosis and has had gynaecological problems and she also needs assistance. This means that she can't work anymore even if there are jobs available and both of my parents need medical treatment and medicine we cannot afford. In addition, I won't be able to work almost at all while they are having treatments, because I have to look after the two of them.

I am asking all of you blessed by God who are able to help others, please help and support us, financially and morally, by donating money and by praying for us, because your help is the only hope  for us to receive medical treatment for my father and my mother and extend their lifetime.

Believing in God and in your good, human hearts,


Tanja Miliskovic

Address: Andjelka Cobanovica 55, 11272 Dobanovci, Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: +381 11 8467109 (home), +381 629652648 (mobile)

Мирјана Милисковић, Banka INTESA

Appeal  for help!
Appeal  for help!
Appeal  for help!
Appeal  for help!