Bulgarian Church celebrates St. Clement of Ohrid

With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Kiril, on November 24 in the church of St. Clemet of Ohrid  the vesper service was served by Bishop Jovan of Glavinica and priest Petar Dimitrov with the concelebration of deacon Miroslav Encev.

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates on November 25 a remembrace of St. Clement of Ohrid. This is one of the disciples of the Saints brothers St. Cyrill and Methodius who created the Slav literacy and who are protectors of Europe. After the death of St. Methodius in 885, St. Clement was expelled with other students from Moravia and came to Bulgaria. Tsar Boris I recieved them and gave them to learn priests in old Bulgarian language. St. Clemet founded the educational school in Ohrid which was considered one of the first Slav university. During seven years 3500 students finished it. Later, Tsar Symeon ordained St. Clemet a bishop.

St. Clemet is the author of the significant works of that time: lives, letter of thanks, hymns. Also he worked as a translator.

On this occasion in the church of St. Clemet of Ohrid in Dobric, the Divine Liturgy was served by Bishop Jovan of Glavinica with the blessing of Metropolitan Kiril of Varna and Veliki Preslav.

Source: Bulgarian Orthodox Church