Charitable Kosovo Relief Fund Founded

Деци Косова и МетохијеThe New Gracanica Monastery is collecting donations for Serbian children of Kosovo. A separate charitable fund named "Kosovo Relief Fund" has been established for that purpose. The aim is to collect as much money as possible in America and Canada from people of good will for needy Serbian kids of Kosovo. The target date to finish this project is St. Sava's Day (January 27, 2008) so that help can still be distributed to Serbian kids in Kosovo during this winter. The New Gracanica Monastery will distribute all collected money to families of the neediest kids through the Diocese of Raska and Prizren. Reports on collecting of donations and how the funds are sent and distributed will be posted at . Names of all donors will be published in this site, except names of those people who choose to remain anonymous. All donors from the United States will receive tax receipts.

Why Kosovo Relief Fund?

Everybody in the Serbian community is aware of the tragic and unbearable situation in which the remaining Serbs in Kosovo find themselves. About 100.000 Serbs in Kosovo live in extreme poverty, hardship and insecurity. It is especially hard in Serbian enclaves surrounded by a hostile Albanian majority population. Serbia kids in those enclaves do not have the most basic conditions for normal life. This winter many of them do not have heating and electricity in their homes and schools. Many of them do not have enough warm clothing and shoes, and do not have adequate food. They can only dream of toys. But the worst of all - their lives are under constant threat.

Appeal for Help

Dear brothers and sisters,

Our moral and Christian duty is to help these poor and unfortunate Serbian kids of Kosovo. For that reason we ask and call every person of Serbian descent and all Christian people of good will in America and Canada - in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and in the name of Saint Sava and Saint czar Lazar of Kosovo and our holy Serbian ancestors, please, give your modest donation for our little brothers and sisters in Kosovo.

You can send your checks to the following

New Gracanica Monastery
Kosovo Relief Fund
P. O. Box 371
Grayslake, IL 60030

Source: Metropolitanate of New Gracancia