Chilandar Monastery awarded a scholarship to Biljana Cekic - Dara of Jasenovac

With the blessing of the abbot of the Holy Monastery of Chilandar, Archimandrite Metodije, Biljana Cekic, who revived the character of little Dara of Jasenovac in front of the movie cameras, was awarded a scholarship which she will be receiving until the end of her schooling.

The scholarship was handed over by the director of the Foundation, Milivoj Randjic on the premises of the Foundation of the Holy Chilandar Monastery in Belgrade, on March 9, 2021. Biljana Cekic was accompanied by her father Radovan, sister Diana, brother Stefan and film producer Maksa Catovic.

With this gesture, the Chilandar Monastery wanted to pay tribute and express its gratitude to Biljana Cekic for the impressive role of little Dara. With her shocking role, she contributed to the fact that in the Ustasha death camps, those who knew nothing about it until now or who easily went over that fact, were finally introduced to the suffering of innocent Serbs, Jews and Roma, and especially children.

The Brotherhood of Chilandar hopes that the scholarship will help Biljana to successfully study and overcome all the difficulties that she, her family and the Serbian people living in the suffering area of Kozarska Dubica are facing today.