Church of Most Holy Theotokos and St. Alexander Nevsky restored on St. Stephen Island

Church of Most Holy Theotokos and St. Alexander Nevsky restored on St. Stephen Island

In accordance with the project approved by the expert Commission for the restoration of the church of Most Holy Theotokos on St. Stephen, which was founded by  the Government of Montenegro, these days the restoration of this church was completed. 

All rough construction works were completed at the church. The access to the church and the interior of the church need to be done. 

Two days ago His Eminence Archbishop of Cetinje and Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral kyr Amfilohije along with the brotherhood of the monastery Praskavice, local Church committee, chief manager of the Hotel of St. Stephen on behalf of the leaseholder Aman Resorts  Kevin Brook, co-owner of the Adriatic Properties company Petros Statis, Mr. Davidovic and few member of the Government Commission visited the restored church. 

After the short prayer in front of the church, Metropolitan thanked God for the restoration of this sanctity and thanked the all who helped restoration of it. 

We remind that the church of the Most Holy Mother of God originates from 15th century and its final look got in 1937 during the restoration whose endower was Queen Marija Karadjordjevic. Then the church began celebrating its second patron -Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky. The church was demolished in 1959 due to the construction of the restaurant terrace and the casino with the permission of the then Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments and the strong opposition of  then abbot of the monastery Praskvica Boris Kazanegra and Metropolitanate. After the beginning of its restoration was attempted last year, by the decision of the Government of Montenegro, the restored part of the wall was destroyed and all works were prohibited. Then under the pressure from local people and the Church,  the Commission for the Reconstruction of the church was established. 

Source: Мetropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral