In Commemoration of Occurrence of the Holy Cross to Holy Emperor Constantine

The prayerful commemoration of the 1700th anniversary of the Christianity began on October 28th , 2012 at the Cathedral Church in Nis with the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy celebrated by His Grace Jovan, Bishop of Nis. Thirty three priests and three deacons concelebrated.

By this solemn act the seventeen centuries after the miraculous occurrence of the Holy Cross to Saint Constantine with the  words “By this sign you shall conquer” was celebrated. Since then All Universe of Christ was in the sign of the Cross by which Holy Emperor Constantine became victorious in all his takings.

As we all pray that by strength of the Holy Cross we are protected and guided through life, the Diocese of Nis has established this day as a day of prayerful celebration of this event 

Source: Diocese of Nis