Communiqué regarding rumors on practice of Dushan Davidovic – former Bishop Damaskin

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly" (Ps.1.1)

Being concerned for orthodox Serbian people on the fifth continent, which is entrusted to us, and having a responsibility towards the God Himself and the Holy Church of Christ we are forced to issue a communiqué which is essential for all the orthodox Serbian people, whose spiritual and national being certain forces are trying to destroy.  Namely, certain information has come to us that the former Bishop Damaskin or Dushan Davidovic should arrive in Australia with a goal to be installed as the head of the non-canonical Greek old calendar diocese and three Serbian church-school communities which administrations had, illegally and by conducting a total autocracy, separated from the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Also, in this moment demolishers of the Serbian church unity want from the Holy Church of Christ and faithful Serbian people, and doing allegedly all on behalf of its name, recapture monastery of Novi Kalenic in Canberra, False Father Dragan Sarachevic and other controversial individuals of fallen spiritual and moral condition, now want to bring as their leader a person which is perfect for them. In order to inform all people of good will we have an obligation to show undisputed facts on the personality of Mr. Davidovic:

1. Mr. Davidovic introduces himself willfully as bishop since the Holy Synod of Bishops of the SOC upon the resolution of the Holy Assembly of Bishops no. 4/ins. 15 condemned him on November 18/5, 2003 to depravation of diocesan and monastic office.

2. The depravation of office followed as a consequence of his offence against faith, the doctrine of the Church and the Church order. He did not perform his offical duty and legal orders of the superior church authorities. In this way he separated himself from the Church.

3.  Former bishop Damaskin spoke the most terrible insults and slenders against our holliest Patriarch Pavle of Serbia and other priests.

4. Because of all this,  former bishop Damaskin is not just erased from the list of bishops but also from the list of monks of the Serbian Orthodox Church and brought back to be layman, so now we recognize him only by his baptized name Dushan.

5. As a excommunicated priest, Davidovic has done many scandals, and the worst is participating in an illegal ordination of non-canonical bishops known for scandals in Russia and America.

6.His dissension of one, holy conciliar and apostolic Church Davidovic showed also by serving as a priest in a schizmatic, Greek old canonical community in Canada which no one recognizes.

If we reconsider all brought and undisputed facts, we hope that every baptized soul will stay in unity and love with our most holy Patriarh Pavle, all bishops of our Holy Church and all Orthodoxy. In accordance with all said we hope that you will never treat Dushan Davidovic as a bishop.

Love of Christ, as the orthodox Christians, we must witness always and everywhere being in peace with everyone. Anyway, to be in peace with someone does not mean that one have to sit and approve what the lawless do.


Bishop of Australia and New Zealandand

Administrator of diocese for Australia and New Zealand

of the Metropolitanate of New Grachanica

Source: Diocese of Australia and New Zealand