Constantine Jubilee

Bishop David of Stobi: 1700 years of the Edict of Milan! Free Archbishop Jovan!

On this occasion, in the present brief overview of the current situation, regarding the disrespect of the religious freedoms in our country, we will condensedly speak exclusively about the sociological aspect of the mentioned problem. As a motive we have the following: the history notes that this year marks the 1700 years since the declaration of the Edict of Milan. Essentially, the Edict is a decision, a decree of religious tolerance and abolition of every persecution on religious basis.

Christianity in Niš Throughout Centuries

The exhibition entitled Christianity in Niš throughout Centuries was opened at the Synagogue gallery in Niš on 10 January 2013. Besides the high dignitaries of the city of Niš, there was also present His Grace Bishop Jovan of Niš, who delivered the welcome speech.

Opening ceremony of the 1700th Anniversary of the Edict of Milan in Niš

              Formal concert of spiritual music of the Sretenje monastery choir             on 17 January 2013 at 19h
the National Theater in Niš

The celebration of the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan in Serbia will officially begin tomorrow, on 17 January 2013, with the concert of the Sretenje monastery choir at the National Theater in Niš.

Mr. Tomislav Nikolić, the President of the Republic of Serbia and His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch will address the audience and also open the Year of the Edict of Milan. The evening host will be Mr. Alexander Chepurin,  Ambassador of the Russian Federation. Mr. Ivica Dačić will also attend the celebration, as well as ministers in the Serbian Government, bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the diplomatic corps.

Constantine’s Jubilee

Towards the jubilee of one of the most important events in the history of civilization – 1700 years since the publishing of the Edict of Milan of Holy Emperor Constantine the Great - editorial staff of the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church launched at the end of 2012 a new section on the official website of our Holy Church entitled Constantine’s Jubilee.

In forthcoming days, one of the aims of this column is to represent all significant events which have happened on the eve of this important anniversary in dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church in both Homeland and abroad.

As you can already see in this column Constantine’s jubilee, a series of conferences and scientific meetings have been held, many books and multimedia projects have been published, and many concerts and exhibitions already took place with the aim to bring closer to the public the personality of Constantine the Great.

Naturally, the Diocese of Niš with its seat in the birthplace of Emperor Constantine carries most of the activities with many accompanying projects.

Considering the significance and the impact of the Edict of Milan on the all-encompassing church, state and social life since the age of Constantine until our time, the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Republic of Serbia, through the Organizing committee presided by His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, and Mr. Tomislav Nikolić, the President of the Republic of Serbia, participate in the celebration of 1700th anniversary on the highest level.