A couple from China baptized at the Monastery of Tvrdos

The monastery of Tvrdos near Trebinje with the force of faith and love attracted David and Linda – a successful business couple from China to be baptized and get married in this one of the most beautiful Orthodox sacred places.

David and Linda met twenty years ago in Prague the Herzegovinians, with whom they have made friends and from whom they have learned about faith and tradition of the Serbs. “We have lived everywhere in Europe, we have traveled a lot, but we have never felt nothing similar like here in Herzegovina, especially in churches and monasteries, where one is overwhelmed with love and warmth at every step”,  Linda Wong said. She is impressed with an acquaintance with retired Bishop Atanasije of Zachulmia-Herzegovina and emphasizes his frankness.

This couple announced that they would continue cooperation with the Church and that they planned mutual projects  having the same mission – to help marginized, mistreated and sick. Linda has been engaged in humanitarian work and has a vast number of companies in the world and in China she deals with, she has built quite a number of schools, as she began dealing with real estate 25 years ago.

Source: Diocese of Zachulmia

-Herzegovina of the Serbian Orthodox Church