The Three Gifts of the Great Fast

Archpriest Artemy VladimirovWhy is the pre-Pascha fast called “Great?”

I believe it’s not so much because of its forty-day duration as it is because of its importance in the life of the disciples of Christ.

What is the purpose of fasting as a commandment of God? Its purpose is our unity with the great and Omnipotent God.

The Rule of Fasting in the Orthodox Church

By Father Seraphim (Rose) of Platina

In answer to numerous requests from readers, the rule of fasting is given for each day of the year. Where no indication of fast is given, and during "fast-free weeks," all foods may be eaten (except during Cheese-fare Week, when meat alone is forbidden every day). Where "fast day" is indicated alone, the fast is a strict one, with no meat, eggs, dairy products, fish, wine or oil to be eaten. Where, underneath "fast day," is indicated "wine and oil allowed," the fast is relaxed for the sake of a feast day or vigil, to allow eating of these foods. Where "fish, wine and oil allowed" is indicated, then all three of these foods may be eaten.

Chilandar Monastery awarded a scholarship to Biljana Cekic - Dara of Jasenovac

With the blessing of the abbot of the Holy Monastery of Chilandar, Archimandrite Metodije, Biljana Cekic, who revived the character of little Dara of Jasenovac in front of the movie cameras, was awarded a scholarship which she will be receiving until the end of her schooling.

The scholarship was handed over by the director of the Foundation, Milivoj Randjic on the premises of the Foundation of the Holy Chilandar Monastery in Belgrade, on March 9, 2021. Biljana Cekic was accompanied by her father Radovan, sister Diana, brother Stefan and film producer Maksa Catovic.

Nis: Library „Elder Nikanor of Chilandar“ opens

With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Arsenije of Nis a library "Elder Nikanor of Chilandar" opened at the parish house of the church of the Resurrection of Christ within the Chilandar's metochion in Nis, on 4 March 2021.

His Grace Bishop consecrated the premises of the Library with the concelebration of archpriest Miodrag Pavlovic, Diocesan dean of Nis I, and deacon Djordje Filipovic with archpriest Dejan Krstic, professor of the Seminary of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, who sang responses. 

Unveiling of the monument to Stefan Nemanja

This is not just an act of unveiling a monument to our father, the creator of the state, the saint, and the one from who it all began. This is a kind of act of being accountable to ourselves and our identity, what we have learned, what we know and where we are going. Long live Serbia !, President of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Aleksandar Vucic said.

In the center of Belgrade, near the former Railway station, a monument to Stefan Nemanja (Venerable Simeon the Myrrh-Gusher), the Grand Prince (veliki župan) and one of the greatest Serbian rulers, was ceremoniously unveiled on 27 January 2021, on the feast day of Saint Sava.

President Aleksandar Vucic said that since Stefan Nemanja until today, the Serbian people have been a state-building people. "Without the awareness that there was someone before us - someone who had dreams we live today - no dream of the future is possible", the President pointed out. The ceremony was attended by Their Graces Bishops: Jovan of Sumadija and the administrator of the Archbishopric of Belgrade and Karlovci; Irinej of Backa, David of Krusevac, Stefan of Remesiana and Isihije of Mohacs.