Dean Mr. Michael Tritos: the Martyrdom of Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid

The Dean of the Theological Faculty in Thessaloniki and Professor of History and Contemporary Life of the Slavic and the other Orthodox Churches, Mr. Michael Tritos, for commented the latest, fifth imprisonment of Archbishop of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje Jovan, in the “Idrizovo” prison.

Among other things, the Dean Mr. Michael Tritos highlighted the following:

Lately, with pain in our souls and with indignation, we are witnessing the brutal violation of the human rights in the personality of the Archbishop of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje Jovan. This hierarch-martyr is repeatedly receiving convicting verdicts from the courts in Skopje, because he had the courage to proclaim that the church in Skopje is schismatic and despises the basic principles of the orthodox christian ecclesiology, while favoring ethnophiletistic causes. In the beginning he was accused for inciting religious and national hatred. Latest, he is accused of money embezzlement.

Unfortunately, a country that claims it respects the human rights and religious freedoms and wishes to enter NATO and the European Union, in its foundations cultivates an authoritarian regime and strives for physical and moral destruction of Archbishop Jovan with the silent inactivity and indifference of the European Union and the United States of America.

Source: Orthodox Archbishopric of Ohrid