Delegation from Portugal at the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church

A high delegation of the Republic of Portugal visited on June 22, 2009 the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The President of the Portuguese parliament Jaime Gama and the ambassador of Portugal to Serbia Luis de Almeida Sampaio led a group of deputies of the Portuguese parliament, which showed a high interest for spiritual and cultural heritage preserved at the Museum.

The head of the Museum of the SOC, Miroslav Ilic led the delegation through the collection of the Museum and deacon Aleksandar Sekulic translated to guests from Portugal who were astonished with wealth and beauty of the collection. The guests asked various questions regarding the history of the Serbian people and nations of the South-East Europe as well as spiritual life in the past, a status of the church during the communists and today.  At the end they signed the guestbook leaving a testimony of their visit to the Museum.