Desecration of Orthodox church in Pontus

A Greek Orthodox church has been at the mercy of sacrilegious people in the village of Hasera (Yesildere), in the Argyroupolis area of ​​Pontus. The case was brought to light by the pro-Kurdish HDP MP of Armenian descent, Garo Paylan, who also asked a question to Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

“The church has managed to stand the test of time, but in recent years the frescoes that adorn the walls of the church have been literally destroyed. The tombs around the church have been looted by treasure hunters. The catastrophe – to which even the residents are reacting to – is obvious and does not honor either the historical or the cultural heritage of the country,” the HDP MP noted.

In fact, this type of behavior, he added, is encouraged by the government’s rhetoric against Sunnis and non-Muslims.

As a result, he asked Nuri Ersoy why the Ministry has not been protecting the historic buildings inside the village.

He also asked if there was an intention to restore the church and make it a place of worship, as well as what actions the Turkish Ministry of Culture has taken to prevent the destruction of the cultural memory of Christians.