Diocese of Raska-Prizren strongly condemns the brutal killing of two Serbian returnees in the village Talinovac near Urosevac

Bishop Teodosije of Raska-Prizrena and Kosovo-Metohija strongly condemns the brutal crime in a village of Talinovac near Urosevac,  in which two Serbian returnees were killed last night, spouses Milovan and Ljiljana Jevtic. 

Bishop Teodosije appealed to the international representatives in Kosovo and local institutions as soon as possible to investigate this brutal crime and to provide the Serbs in Talinovac a peaceful, safe and dignified life.  If the police also this time fails to find the perpetrators, as it was in the case with several other similar crimes against the Serbs, and we should mention the brutal murder of the family Stolic in Obilic in 2003., this latest crime will be another indication that the responsibility for this situation lies not only with individuals extremists, but also with the local Kosovar institutions. In this manner this institutions conceal, and often openly tolerate and encourage a violent and intolerant behavior toward Serb returnees.


Source: Diocese of Raska-Prizren