During the first days of the Great Lent Patriarch Porfirije is in the Pec Patriarchate

His Holiness Porfirije, Serbian Patriarch, accompanied by court monks, traveled to the Pec Patriarchate, the ancient seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church on 14 March 2021. 

During the first three days of the Great Lent, which are spent in a prayer and with abstinence from any food and drink, His Holiness Patriarch will spend in his stauropegic laura.

The first three days of Great Lent

The first three days of Great Lent according to the centuries-old typikon of the Holy Church, are characterized by abstinence from any food and drink. So, during those three days, the Orthodox faithful do not eat or drink anything.

In modern times, clergy and parish priests with the greatest care determine the way of fasting for believers, i.e. each individual in accordance with his spiritual, psychophysical, health, professional and other possibilities, and especially approach the faithful during the first three days when this strictest type of fasting is practiced.


Monastery or a church which is under direct jurisdiction of the patriarch, regardless of the diocese (church area) in which it is located.