Orthodox Mission in Manado

Orthodox Mission in Manado

In Indonesia, in the state where the population is mostly moslem, father Jovan Bambang has preached for years Orthodox christianity in areas where until today it hasn't come. He himself as a convert from the moslem faith, father Jovan baptized six persons at the beginning of this month in a town of Manado, the capital of the province North Sulawasi. In all Indonesia there are three to four percent Orthodox believers. In many cases one priest serves several communions, and some communions are very small, they count less than ten believers.

Sixth century Byzantine church unearthed In Acre, Israel

Discovery of public structure in north Israel city is a breakthrough. For the first time a Christian structure has been unearthed in Acre, a city said to have been highly influential in early years of Christianity. 

The Israel Antiquities Authority has had a breakthrough discovery, unearthing a public structure from the time of the Byzantine Empire in the northern Israeli city of Acre.

The structure is about 1,500 years-old and it is believed to have served as a church. The structure was uncovered during a rescue excavation by the Israel Antiquities Authority following an unauthorized dig in the area that uncovered the structure.  

Greece's centenarian flag-raiser dies

For nearly half a century, she raised a Greek flag every day at the border with Turkey - a simple act that elevated her to national status.

A funeral service was held Monday for 107-year-old Vasiliki Lambidou in the village of Marasia, located in the country's remote northeast. She died on Sunday.

One Christian in the world dies for faith every five minutes - statistics

One Christian in the world dies for faith every five minutes - statistics

The Russian Orthodox Church urged well-developed countries to set up an effective system of protecting Christians, in particular using financial factors.

"The European Parliament in its Resolution of January 20 mentions the necessity to set up a specific mechanism of influencing the countries where Christians are persecuted. I think this mechanism can be reduced to a brief formula: economic and other aid should be granted in return for guaranteed security for religious minorities," head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion said at a Friday briefing in Moscow.

18th Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy in Paris Condemns the Genocide against the Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians

The 18th Annual Inter-Parliamentary Assembly was held in Paris on June 21-24.  28 countries participated in this year's work of the Assembly.

On June 29 the press conference was held by Mr. Mkrtich Minasyan, Head of the RA NA delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy, and Mrs. Ruzanna Arakelyan, member of the delegation who spoke of the work and the outcome of the 18th  Assembly.