Russia Announces New Efforts to Identify and Bury Remains of Last Tsar's Children

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has tasked a working group with studying and reburying the remains of two members of the Russian Imperial family who were murdered by Bolshevik revolutionaries almost 100 years ago.

Tsesarevich Alexei Nicholayevich and his sister Grand Duchess Maria Nicholayevna were murdered along with their other siblings and parents — Emperor Nicholas II and the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna — and four family retainers in the basement of the Ipatiev House where they had been imprisoned in the Ural Mountains city of Ekaterinburg in 1918 as White army forces closed in on the city.

ISIS Blows Up Historic Christian Church in Mosul, Killing Four Children

Islamic State militants have reportedly killed four children as they destroyed an historic Christian church in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

ISIS Blows Up Historic Christian Church in Mosul, Killing Four Children
Islamic State militants are known for brainwashing children into joining their group, says a UN children’s representative. The organization says the militant faction are looking to “foster a new generation of supporters,” amongst young Syrians and Iraqis.

Historic church in Bursa province put on sale online

The Greek Orthodox Panagia Pantobasilissa Church, the first church in history whose walls were decorated with frescoes, has been put on sale by a real estate agent named Nusret Akyüz. In the advertisement, Akyüz asks for $1 million for the historic church in Tirilye, a town with several Byzantine churches and many old Ottoman houses. The building is not categorized as a “historical asset” but has rather been placed in the category “buildings older than 30 years.”

Sudan: Christian Girls Leaving Church Detained for Wearing ‘Scandalous Outfits’

On June 25, 12 Christian girls were detained due to their “scandalous outfits” by the Public Order Police as they left the Baptist church in El Izba, Khartoum.

The young women, wearing trousers and skirts, were transferred to a police station; two of them were acquitted on Friday, after the agents of the Public Order Police reconsidered their opinion about their clothes.

Bomb Placed by Coptic Church Dismantled Before Exploding

A bomb was placed by a Coptic Christian church in Egypt, but security was able to dismantle it before it exploded earlier today.

The bomb was placed adjacent to the building of the Virgin Mary Church in Helwan city, part of Greater Cairo.  It was reported immediately, and security came, effectively dismantling the explosive.