Епархија аустријско-швајцарска: Израз солидарности

In these difficult moments and having in mind an incomprehensible and inexplicable inhuman act, We express, in our personal name and on behalf of the faithful of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Austria, Our sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of all those killed and injured and scared.

Astonished by the brutal coordinated attack on several places in the center of Vienna, we express herewith our gratitude and solidarity with the security forces and emergency services who rushed to the crime scene, risking their own lives and health for the safety of us all.

The city of Vienna and the Republic of Austria are known for their openness, for providing equal opportunities to all, regardless of their nationality and religion. This country is committed to living in diversity, to dialogue and respect for each other. That is why we join the minutes of silence and days of mourning for all victims and offer prayers to the Lord God for all victims of this bloodshed and for the peace and security of the citizens to be restored.

Due to the cowardly, terrorist attack that took place in the center of the Austrian capital, the churches of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Vienna have been temporarily closed, because the search for the perpetrators and the confrontation with them is still ongoing.

Source: Diocese of Austria-Switzerland