European Union beats Soviet Russia in atheism, a French philosopher believes

Renowned French philosopher-traditionalist, geo-politician and founder of the Nouvelle Droite (French for New Right - IF) Alain de Benoist believes modern Europe "has beaten the USSR record" in the mass atheism. "Europe has reached such level of atheism that Russia didn't have even after forced totalitarian policy of the Soviet period," Benois said at a meeting with Russian scientists in the Conservative Studies Center at the Sociology Faculty of the Moscow State University.

According to him, today religious values "are good for Russia, but not for Europe."

"A political party basing on religious values can win, I believe, zero percent at the elections in the European Union," the philosopher said.

He said, 30 years ago France has a law proving punishment for homosexuality promotion, today another law that "bans to say anything unfriendly about homosexuality" substitutes it. French schools are using textbooks titled Against Homophobia.

Head of Political Theory Department Professor Valery Rastorguyev concluded that "conservatism is possible only in Russia, as true conservatism should answer the question if an ideology has a place for God."

Source: Interfax religion