Exhibition on Constantine in Viminacium

 President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic opens the exhibition of the National Museum “Constantine the Great and the Edict of Milan”. 128 artifacts are presented, among which there is the famous portrait of Constantine, a bronze bust discovered in 1900.

Tomislav Nikolic, President of Serbia, opened an exhibition of the National Museum “Constantine the Great and Edict of Milan 313. - The birth of Christianity in the Roman Provinces on the territory of Serbia” at the archeological site Viminacium.

The exhibition of the National Museum presents an outstanding collection of authentic items from ten museums in Serbia which testify about the rule of Constantine, the Edict of Milan, beginnings of Christianity on the territory of Serbia.

The body of exhibited artifacts consists of sculptures and fragments of architectural reliefs carved in stone, alongside household objects – jewelry, objects used in religious rites and ceremonies, dishes made of precious metals, ceramics and glass, pieces of military and parade equipment, Roman imperial coins and imperial medallions. It also comprises 40 artifacts of the zero cultural value from the first to fourth century A.D., among which there is the famous portrait of Constantine the Great, a bronze bust unearthed in 1900 on the territory of Naissus, the present-day city of Nis in Serbia and the birthplace of Emperor Constantine.

The exhibition in Viminacium will last one month and then it will move to the National Museum in Belgrade from 2 July until 8 July  and to Nis, from 19 September  until the end of October.

Source: RTS