Exhibition of Paintings of Moma Kapor Opens

The exhibition of the paintings of Moma Kapor “Patriotic” will take place on October 19, 2012 at 8 p.m. at Hexalab Gallery, 5 Njegoseva str., in Belgrade. Academician Matija Beckovic will open the exhibition.

Art Historian Nikola Kusovac chose about 30 paintings which will be publicly displayed. These paintings represent the core of the Kapor’s artistic opus. These are mostly oil paintings on canvas and belong to private collections. The portraits of Desanka Maksimovic, Tina Ujevic, Jovan Raskovic, Che Guevara, Zuko Dzumhur and Saint Basil The great also will be exhibited. All these works were painted between 1954-2009.

Moma Kapor was born in Sarajevo in 1937. He graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Art in 1961 and he gained great popularity as a writer. He died in Belgrade in 2010.

The exhibition is organized by the Institute for Laboratory Diagnostics Hexalab and the Momcilo Moma Kapor Foundation and will be opened by Academician Matija Beckovic.