First Annual Symposium “Serbian Theology Today” is held

On Friday and Saturday, on May 29 and 30, 2009 on the the Faculty of the Orthodox Theology was held the First Annual Symposium " Serbian Theology Today" organized by a newly established Institute for theological research which works by the Faculty. In a two-day work of the symposium were present dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr Irinej Bulovic, Bishop of Bachka, minister of Faith and prodean for science, Prof. Dr Bogoljub Shijakovic, retired professors of the faculty Prof. Dr. Amfilohije Radovic, Metropolitan of Zahumlje and the Littoral, and Prof. Dr Atanasije Jevtic, retired Bishop of Zahumlje and Hercegovina, professors of the faculty, professors, graduates and postgraduates from many faculties in our country and from abroad and assistants in tuition at the Faculty of the Orthodox Theology of the University of Belgrade.

The dean of the Faculty bishop Irinej Bulovic opened the Symposium, and then during the plenary session "Ways of Serbian Theology" the Dean, Metropolitan Amfilohije Radovic, bishops Atanasije Jevtic and Ignatije Midic held speeches. In the afternoon their work was organized in three sessions - session from areas of Systematic theology, History of Church and Ecclesiastical Law on a theme "Serbian Theology in 20th Century".

On a second day of the symposium began with the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy which was served by Bishop  Atanasije Jevtic. The morning work was organized in following sessions - from areas of Practical theology, Patristics and biblical teaching  and on a theme " Theology and philology" which was also continued in the afternoon. In the afternoon a session " Sciences on religion: problem of founding and limits of validity" was held, and also a bibliography of the magazine "Theology" was promoted.
The First Annual Symposium " Serbianwas concluded with the plenary session and the report of the moderator on the work in groups. The Dean Bishop Dr Irinej Bulovic thanked to participants and informed them about a next symposium.

Source: The Faculty of the Orthodox Theology of the University of Belgrade