The first visit of Vladimir Roganovic to the Diocese of Sumadia

His Grace Bishop Jovan of Sumadia welcomed in his residence Mr. Vladimir Roganovic, PhD, Director of the Office for Cooperation with Churches and Religious Communities, who visited the Diocese of Sumadija with his assistants for the first time since he was appointed to this high position. 

In a pleasant conversation, the Bishop introduced Mr. Roganovic with what had been done in the Diocese of Sumadia in the previous period. Also, future projects important for both the Diocese and the people of that area were discussed. On this occasion, the Bishop expressed great gratitude for the help that the Diocese of Sumadia has had so far from the Office headed by Mr. Roganovic, as well as hope that in the future the Office will selflessly provide help and support to the Diocese.

In a pleasant and brotherly mood, the meeting showed the seriousness of the importance of the meeting between the Church and state institutions. The visit of the director to the Diocese of Sumadia concluded with an agape feast.

Source: Diocese of Sumadia