Funeral procession from Trebinje to Tvrdos and burial of the late Bishop Atanasije

After the Matins, funeral service and the Liturgy, the funeral procession, led by the clergy, carrying the body of the newly departed Bishop Atanasije, set off from the Cathedral church through the central city streets, through Zasad Polje, to the Tvrdos Monastery, where the burial place was prepared.

A funeral procession with thousands of faithful escorted the body of the late Bishop Atanasije from Trebinje to the Tvrdos monastery, laying his burial first in front of the catholicon of this monastery, where a memorial service was held. After that, passing once more through the monastery buildings, the body of Bishop Atanasije was laid in a rock under the chapel of the  Resurrection of Christ and covered with earth, Herzegovinian, of Kosovo-Metohia, of Jasenovac ... After laying the body of Bishop Atanasije, Bishop Joanikije of Budva-Niksic and administrator of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral addressed the gathered.

Source: Diocese of Zahumlje-Herzegovina