Georgian monk tonsured to Great Schema on Mt. Athos for first time in 75 years

The Georgian monk Fr. Hilarion took his vows into the Great Schema at Gregoriou Monastery on Mt. Athos on January 14, the day of the commemoration of the Circumcision of the Lord and St. Basil the Great, reports is the first Georgian monk to take the Great Schema vows on Mt. Athos in 75 years. The Great Schema is the highest level of monasticism in the Orthodox Church.

“This is a very important event, worthy of high praise and attention for Georgia and every Georgian,” said Schemamonk Jerome (Katamadze) of St. Paul’s Monastery on Mt. Athos. “I congratulate the hieromonk Fr. Hilarion with this important mission of historical significance. I wish him to bear this cross diligently and without murmuring,” Fr. Jerome added.

Fr. Hilarion served on Mt. Athos for 15 years already before his tonsuring into the Great Schema.