Hagia Sophia consecrated 1,480 years ago today

1480 years ago today, in 537 AD, the grand Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople was solemnly consecrated. According to Emperor Justinian I’s design, the church was to become the jewel of the capital city of the Byzantine Empire, and serve as an expression of the empire’s greatness. Up to 10,000 people worked on its construction daily.

“Solomon, I have outdone thee!” St. Justinian declared, according to tradition, upon entering the newly-built cathedral, referencing the great ancient temple built by King Solomon in Israel.

Hagia Sophia remained the largest church in Christendom for more than 1,000 years, until the construction of St. Peter’s in Rome.

On May 29, 1453, the great church was capture by Turks and later converted into a mosque. In 1935, the church was turned into a museum, according to the decree of Ataturk.

Source: Orthochristian.com