Head of the Synodal Department suggests to get back to discussion over bases of Russian political system

Head of the synodal Department for Church and Society Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin suggests filling the "gap in legitimacy" in Russian state system that has formed in result of the October revolution.

"Bolsheviks who seized power in 1917 made it impossible to hold a constituent assembly that had to choose a form of governance for the country. This gap in legitimacy still questions the succession of our state system, accord with people's will and the choice that was made without it," Father Vsevolod said at a round table held during the Orthodox Russia exhibition forum in Moscow.

He further said that discussion over the optimal for Russia state system was not seriously developed in 1993 when the acting Constitution was adopted.

"It's easy to understand why such discussion was not detailed: then the society had not learned to live in freedom and some of the discussions resulted in the armed clashes in downtown Moscow and some led to chaos. So we can understand the authorities when they didn't welcome such a discussion and didn't contribute in its development," the priest said.

The lack of the discussion and "the fact that all existing options of the country's development" have not been considered" today, according to the Church official, "impoverish our prospects."

"Thus the discussion over ideological bases of our state system, over the ways for people and various elites to participate in building our shared home is not over, it's just begun," the priest said.

Source: Interfax religion