Hear about the 500,000-member Orthodox Church in Guatemala!

Did you know that there are 338 Orthodox churches in Guatemala, with 500,000 faithful and catechumens? Did you know that a former UN Ambassador is now a priest in that community? Did you know that hundreds of Latin Americans continue to leave the Roman Catholic Church on a daily basis, seeking other religious experiences, including worship within the liturgical services of the Orthodox Church? 

St. Vladimir’s Seminary organized a seminar on its second annual Missions Day, Wednesday, November 7, 2012, for a presentation on the “explosion” of Orthodox Christianity in Guatemala; in recent years 338 Orthodox churches, with 500,000 faithful and catechumens, have become part of the Orthodox Metropolis of Mexico.

The Very Rev. Archimandrite Dr. Andres Girón de Leon and The Very Rev. John Chakos were the guest lecturers, sharing first hand their missionary activities among the indigenous people of Guatemala, within their presentation, “Mission to Guatemala: Receiving the Mayan People into the Orthodox Church.” 

Source: Orthodox OCP Cognate Page