Hierarchal Liturgy in Trebinje

Bishop Jovan of Slavonia officiated the Divine Liturgy with the concelebration of Bishop Dimitrije of Zahumlye-Herzegovina with the clergy of the Local Church and in the presence of the faithful of Trebinje in the Cathedral church of Trebinje on 7 February 2021.

On this Sunday commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ and the annual commemoration of Gregory the Theologian, the holy archbishop of the Church, the Church of Christ ordained the parish priest of Trebinje, Miroslav Ratkovic, to the rank of archpriest.

During the release of the faithful in peace, Bishop Dimitrije especially thanked Bishop of Slavonia for the visit and the joy, grace and peace that this visit always brings, and Bishop Jovan, thanking also, pointed out the meeting of Herzegovina and Slavonia through the martyrs of Jasenovac and Prebilovac. , whose relics smell of common grace, expressing the desire that this fragrance continues to accompany all of us together, the whole Church of God.

Source: Diocese of Zahumlye-Herzegovina