Hrh Crown Prince Alexander Meets With Secretary General Kofi Anan Of The United Nations To Discuss Kosovo

HRH Crown Prince Alexander was received by His Excellency Secretary General of the United Nations. His Royal Highness has known the Secretary General for many years and has met on many occasions. The Secretary General warmly welcomed His Royal Highness to the United Nations and briefed him on recent meetings, actions and activities taken by the United Nations in view of the extremely serious situation in Kosovo.

In the conversation with the Secretary General in his office The Crown Prince strongly condemned the violence and terrorist acts committed against the Serbs in Kosovo. His Royal Highness requested for more security to protect the lives of all Serbs and families. The Crown Prince asked that the culprits must be brought to justice and that civil order must be quickly re-established and all institutions reinforced. The Crown Prince expressed sadness on the loss of life and those injured.

The Crown Prince asked the Secretary General to consider under UN Resolution 1244 to allow the Serbian Police to provide additional security for the Serbian population in Kosovo.

The Crown Prince also appealed to the Secretary General for help for the reconstruction of homes, churches and property. The importance of the creation of jobs in Kosovo was also discussed to help the people and their families survive.

The Crown Prince firmly condemned the negative destructive acts committed against the Moslem population in Serbia and reiterated the need for mutual respect, democracy and human rights.

The Secretary General responded that the he will see what can be done and that the situation must be improved. In addition the overall situation in Serbia of refugees and jobs was discussed in that the whole region needed help to improve the condition of peoples lives.

The Crown Prince warmly thanked the Secretary General for his concern and for the meeting.