Hungary to allocate funds for reconstruction of four Orthodox churches

Timed to Russian president Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit to Hungary, the government will adopt a resolution to allocate funds for the reconstruction of four Orthodox churches, stated Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto.

An important topic of the visit will be cooperation in the field of culture, reports RIA-Novosti. “We’re looking forward to Feb. 2 to adopt a government resolution on the reconstruction of four Orthodox churches in Hungary and the allocation of funding for it,” said Siyarto in an interview with the newspaper “Kommersant.”

He also emphasized that Hungary respects the culture and religion of Russia, and drew attention to the fact that four out of every five people killed for religious reasons are Christians.

“Christianity today is the most martyred religion in the world. But, unfortunately, if you bring it up in the West, they look at you like some alien. It seems this Christianophobia is the last form of discrimination still considered acceptable… At the last Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe I noted to Sergei Lavrov that besides them, only we have spoken about the protection of Christians,” lamented Siyarto.