Hungary Urges International Community to Save Iraq’s Assyrian Christians

Hungary proposes that the matter should be included in next week’s agenda of NATO’s North-Atlantic Council, Szijjarto said. Hungary will also initiate that the European Council should discuss the issue at its next session, he added.

Hungary’s foreign ministry has decided to put together a contingent of aid, which will be delivered to Iraq in cooperation with the US, the state secretary said.

Szijjarto noted that the Hungarian government had decided to open a consulate-general in Erbil, and the new consul-general has already occupied the post.


Bence Retvari, deputy head of the co-ruling Christian Democrats, called the developments in Iraq “dramatic”, and said that the violence, committed by Islam fundamentalist ISIS members, evoked “the worst periods of history”.

“Violating the freedom of religion is also curbing democracy; the persecution of Christians is usually coupled with other illegal traits,” he said. “We must not let hatred and segregation jeopardise the lives of innocent millions,” Retvari added.

Tibor Navracsics, the minister for foreign affairs and trade, said in a Twitter message that the Hungarian government “is giving 70,000 euros in humanitarian emergency aid to Christian communities and Kurdistan authorities”.

Source: OCP