Iconostasis for unique Moscow church being carved out of 300-year-old oak tree

A unique church is under construction in northern Moscow as part of the “200” church-building program. The wooden Church of the 12 Apostles, being built by hand according to traditional methods, will be adorned with an even more unique iconostasis that is being carved out of a 300-year-old oak tree from the territory of Donskoy Monastery, reports the press service of State Duma Deputy Vladimir Resin, the curator of the “200” program.

The church building program aims to have enough churches that every Moscow resident will have at least one within walking distance. 62 churches have been built in the capital over the past 8 years, with another 21 projected for this year. Overall, the program currently includes 231 sites.

According to Bishop Paramon of Bronnitsy, the oak was standing on the necropolis of Donskoy Monastery until a year ago, when it collapsed during a tornado.

“It was one of the oldest oaks of Moscow, and when it fell after the last year’s tornado, we have the valuable wood to the parish of the Church of the 12 Apostles—may a piece of our 300-year history move to a new church,” said Vladyka Paramon.

According to church rector Fr. Ilia Boryasky, the iconostasis will be carved by masters from the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra.

The church itself will be wooden with a tented roof, built from larch wood, with traditional methods. “Everything is being built by hand … as did the ancient masters. The traditions of wooden church architecture have been carefully preserved to this day,” Deputy Resin stated.

The church is unique for its engineering methods and design features, made without a single support thanks to the system of bonded beams supporting the construction. This is the first such church in the capital.

Source: Orthochristian.com