IOCS to organize Conference on the life and work of Metropolitan John Zizioulas

Metropolitan John Zizioulas, Lord Rowan Williams, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware and Revd Dr Bogdan Bucur in one-day IOCS Conference (14 June 2014)

The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge is delighted to announce a very important one-day conference on 14 June 2014 celebrating the life and work of world-renowned Orthodox theologian Metropolitan John (Zizioulas) of Pergamon.

Bearing the title ‘On Eschatology Today’, the conference will take place at Westcott House in Cambridge and will bring together four extremely distinguished speakers. Besides Metropolitan John himself, the Institute will be honoured to also welcome Lord Rowan Williams, Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia and Revd Dr Bogdan Bucur of Duquesne University (USA). The main conference organiser is Revd Dr Liviu Barbu, Visiting Lecturer and Distance Learning Tutor for our Institute.

Please find more information about this conference in the document here which includes a poster for the event, a programme for the day as well as a booking form.

Institute Visiting Professor Publishes Major Study

Father Demetrios Bathrellos, Visiting Professor at the Institute, Distance Learning Tutor, and a Doctoral Supervisor, has published 1 April 2014 a major study of debates at the Council of Ferrara-Florence (1431 -1445) that were concerned with one of the three major issues that divided East and West, the doctrine of Purgatory. Dr Bathrellos suggests that if the Greek position had been accepted, one obstacle to reunion would have been removed, the Roman Church might have repudiated practices that triggered the further splits of western Protestantism, and Christendom could have achieved a common mind that begins to emerge only in the late twentieth century.

The paper is to be found in THE JOURNAL OF THEOLOGICAL STUDIES (Oxford University Press) (2014)65 (1),78-121: Demetrios Bathrellos, ‘Love, Purification and Forgiveness versus Justice, Punishment, and Satisfaction: The Debates on Purgatory and the Forgiveness of Sins at the Council of Ferrara-Florence

Source: Orthodox Cognate Page