Jubilee of the choir Collegium musicum

The academic choir Collegium musicum, led by the conducter Darinka Matic Marovic, within Bemus, held a concert on Kolarac. During 40 years of the existence, the choir held premiers of more than 200 compositions.

Within the marking of the 40th anniversary of the existence, the academic choir Collegium musicum last night, within 43rd Bemus, held a concert in the hall of Kolarac endownment. 

The conducter Darinka Matic, these days  practiced with the choir like on the first day, when the creation of the institution Collegium musicum began.

And after 40 years, after thousand held concerts, exhausting tours, and serious preparations and four-hour-long rehearsals, she is not tired. 

"Those inspiring, always other girls never exhausted me, and now are other generations, which react in some other way", Darinka Matic Marovic says.

The choir consists of female students of the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade, and during 40 years of the existence it won all awards and prizes at the international  competitions and held premiers more than 200 compositions. 

Source: RTS