Kiev Diocese releases statistics—has over 1,000 monastics

As of the end of 2017, the Kiev Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has 396 parishes, 777 clergy, and more than 1,000 monastics according to the report of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine at the diocesan assembly yesterday, reports the site of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The primate noted that the number of clergy has increased by 19, that of monastics by 45, and that of parishes by 2, over 2016’s end-of-the-year numbers.

The diocese includes 7 regions of the Kiev Province, 18 vicar bishops, 5 of which manage vicariates, 33 deaneries—15 in Kiev and 17 throughout the province, 12 diocesan departments, and two commissions.

Of the 396 parishes, 163 are in Kiev, and 233 throughout the rest of the province.

The diocese has 23 monasteries—13 for men (including the Kiev Caves Lavra) and 10 for women. Additionally, there are also 9 stavropegial monasteries, (including the Holy Dormition-Pochaev Lavra, and 3 others for men, and 5 for women), and 1,035 monastics (455 in men’s monasteries and 580 in women’s monasteries)—45 more than in 2016—directly under the management of Met. Onuphry.

In all, the diocese has 777 clergymen—524 in Kiev (443 priests and 81 deacons), and 253 throughout the rest of the province (229 priests and 24 deacons). The total number of diocesan clergy increased by 19 in 2017.

Throughout the course of the year, 24 priestly and 20 diaconal ordinations were celebrated by Met. Onuphry and the Kievan vicar bishops.

At the beginning of 2017, the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture reported that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has 12,653 parishes on the territory of Ukraine in total, 4,807 monastics laboring in 208 monasteries, 4,788 students in 19 seminaries, 3,986 Sunday schools, and 135 media outlets.

Source: Ukranian Orthodox Church