Large Forest Fires near Hilandar

LATEST NEWS: Friday, August 10, 2012 at 8 a.m. - The Hilandar has reported that the fires approached to 3.5 km from the monastery. 

Since last night, due to unfavorable wind direction, the fire moved by 1.5 km towards the Hilandar. In relation to the line of defense wich fireprotecting road represents in the area of Proto Nero, the fire is only 700 meters away, which is extremely dangerous for the defense of  the Hilandar. Forty-nine firefighters ,rescuers, from Serbia with four fire engines and other operational vehicles are expected to arrive any moment.

Workers of the Hilandar technical service with all available mechanisation expand the forest fireprotecting roads in order to prevent the spread of the fire. 

Since this morning two airplanes and one helicopter have been engaged in extinguishing fires.