Lenten Vespers at Akron parish

The St. Archangel Micheal Serbian Orthodox Church in Akron hosted the second group in the Cleveland Deanery for Lenten Vespers on the second Sunday of Great Lent, the Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas.

Clergy attending were V. Rev. Stavrophor Janko Rajlic, dean of the Cleveland Deanery, V. Rev. Stavrophor Zvonko Kotorcevic, V. Rev. Stavrophor Dragan Filipovic, V. Rev. Dragomir Tuba, the host priest, Protonamesnik Milovan Katanic, Rev. Isak Kisin and Rev. Dragan Goronjic. Also serving were Protodeacon Milan Medakovic and Deacon James Gresh.

Fr. Isak Kisin, of St. Stevan of Dechani in Columbus, was the evening's homilist. In his sermon he delivered a brief explanation of the situation the church faced during the time of St. Gregory Palamas and his conflict with Barlaam. He then continued enumerated various modern day dangers that all Orthodox need to be careful of in preserving our holy Faith.

Also present that evening at the Akron parish were members of the Serbian non-governmental Christian and nationalistic organization Dveri Srpske. Branimir Nesic delivered a brief talk during the evening's dinner of the current state in Serbia and a video was shown showcasing the work of this organization.

Source: www.easterndiocese.org