Liturgical gathering in Lelic on the day when Holy Bishop Nikolaj reposed in the Lord

In memory of the death of Holy Bishop Nikolaj in the Lelic monastery, his endowment and his father Dragomir, the Holy Liturgy was served, which was officiated by the head of that family, Abbot Georgije, with the concelebration of the priests from Valjevo.

Following the Holy Liturgy, Diocesan dean of Bishop of Valjevo, protonamesnik FIlip Jakovljevic, broke the slava cake. This 2021 it is 65 years since Holy Bishop Nikolaj reposed in the Lord, and 140 years since his birth and 30 years since the translation of his holy relics to the endowment which he built together with Father Dragomir in the homeland  in honor of his heavenly protecyor Saint Nicholas of Myra. 

Source: Diocese of Valjevo