A location for a new church at Nova Pazova consecrated

On the feast-day of St. John the Theologian, May 21, 2020, His Grace Bishop Vasilije of Srem consecrated a location for a new churchat Nova Pazova, Syrmium.

Concelebrants of the Bishop were: archpriest-staurophor Mile Jokic, archpriest deputy of Stara Pazova and archpriest-staurophor Đordje Pavlovic as well deacons Goran Vlasac and Svetogor Sandic. The choir "St. Bishop Nikolaj Srpski" from Nova Pazova chanted responses. The new church will be dedicated to the Holy First Martyr and Archdeacon Stephan, and the votive dedication will be the Holy Martyr Kyriake.

After the rite of consecration the Bishop of Srem (Syrmium) spoke about Archdeacon Stephan and his confession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, which is described in the New testament book The Acts of the Apostles. - This is a new lighted lamp in front of the throne of God, said Bishop Vasilije, who thanked the founder of the temple, Mr. Radenko Đuricic, entrepreneur from Nova Pazova, and archpriest Zoran Jovic, principal of the church of St. Parasceve in that place.

Source: Diocese of Srem (translation by Information Service of the SOC)