Meatfare Sunday in Atlanta

On February 27, our parish warmly welcomed His Grace Bishop Mitrofan. We were very excited that His Grace took the time away from his busy schedule to come and give his blessing for a new beginning, together with Father Miladin.

Bishop Mitrofan opened his homily with rather sense of urgency "Dear Brothers and Sisters the Judgment Day is coming! Only our dear Lord Father knows when the end will come." How true these words are indeed. We do not know when will the Judgment Day arrive, but we must forgive and love each other! We must practice our faith with our personal actions and not just our words. This was the message our Vladika left us all with, deeply embedded in our soul as a sacred whisper for all us to follow.

After lunch, our diligent President Ms. Milana Saulnier thanked His Grace for visiting and the Kolo of Serbian Sisters for all their hard work in preparing the meal. One of the highlights of Vladika's visit was his encouragement to start thinking about a possible new property for our church.

Ms. Jovanka Loncaric, Kolo president, also said few words to His Grace and thanked everyone for coming. Last but not the least, our Father Miladin thanked everyone for coming and especially to His Grace Vladika Mitrofan and his blessing to years to come. It was exciting day for St. Peter and Paul's Serbian Orthodox Church in Atlanta, and we eagerly look forward for many more to come!